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A Gay Spiritual Alternative Reference Source for GLBT community (mostly men)


Herbs and Their Uses

Faerywolf Rituals, essays, and visual art concerning the practices of Pagan Witchcraft from a gay perspective.

Gay Witchcraft
Lovers Legend Gay Greek Myths
book; The tales reflect a surprising diversity of male love, along with a nuanced morality that integrated same-sex love with the Greek spiritual teachings.

Radical Faeries An important organization welcoming all gay men to look into nature as a way of life.  There are many groups that gather around the world and live in community    
Radical Faerie magazine

Zuni Mountain New Mexico Faeries community retreat.


Minnesota Two Spirits: is an activist group working to build community.
Bay Area Two Spirits:  creating forums for spiritual, cultural and artistic expression.
Saadaya: a website to re-claim native queer traditions.

Links to General Native American information: an incredible resource to all Amerinam Native links.
Indigeonis Literature: a list of literature works from Richmond University Resources.

Writing Archives:

Songs To Drum and Sweat By

The Three Selves: an article about our three selves by Brad Wright.

Two Spirited  by: a story by Sean Christian.

The Spiritual Know: words on tantra within, a spiritual writing by Brad Wright

Poems and Writings

1 Poems submitted online
Symptoms of Awakening
A Meditation of Prayer
Songs 2 drum and sweat by

Lesbian poems


Tantric Touch Technique a light touching technique  to bring on higher states of energy and awareness. Free home study guidebook and media.
Ashram West
An ashram for the gay community who are seeking true Tantra. This is the only gay ashram in North America that we are aware of that teaches Tantra.  We give this site four stars because of their teachings and not based on their website alone.

Gay Love As A Spiritual Path

Raw Tantra video yoga plus
Tantric Men: Group for UK and Irish men interested in Tantra.
Sacred Sensual Self: a discovery for couples.
Sky Dancing:
a group in Germany based on gay tantra.

Tantra For Gay Men: a website forum and connect for tantra

Tantra for gay men in UK

Tantric Massage:  an excellent site on massage and other spiritual information as well such as kundalini.
Tribal Tantra: a good gay tantra site

Featured Video's

Pridenation  gay live stream TV FREE

Gay Hawaii Links

Worldwide: the Faerie email list
our online community

California: Starland Retreat
Manitou Woods
Minnesota: Kawashaway, email
New Mexico: Zuni Mountain, also see Utopian Imaginaries and Faerie Practise
New York: Blue Heron Farm
Oregon: Nomenus at Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek yahoo group
Tennessee: Short Mountain Sanctuary
Tennessee: Ida
Vermont: Faerie Camp Destiny
Washington: Cascade Mountain Community

Australia, NSW: Faerieland Sanctuary, P O Box 495, Nimbin, N.S.W. 2480 02 6689 7070
Ontario, Canada:
  Main AmberFox site, blog, at and's Amber Fox site
United Kingdom: Edward Carpenter Community
Germany, Reine: The Community of Reine
Ternuay-Melay-et-St-Hilaire, France: Folleterre Sanctuary