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Adyashanti - LiveB - AudioArc 
                     - Norman NH

Adviata Fellowship
AMMA guru
Alan Watt:
Video lecture
Art of Living      -Canada Ashram  -Toronto 

Buddist Canada Directory
Buddism Urban Dharma

Caroline Myss
Christopher Tims   - thisiswhatsnext
Conscious Media Network

Dan Winter     - Heart Coherence    Frac Field
David Hawkins  Rec Audio
David Icke
David Wilcock 
Dharma Centre kinmount
Drunvelo Melchizedek
    - Spirit of Maat       - Flower of Life
Dying Conciousley

Earth Files  Linda M Howe
Ekhart Tolle
Empowered Living Radio
Enlightened Contact with ET Inteligence

Highest form of chi gong
Four Winds:
Free masons for Dummies
The Freeman Perspective

Gnostic Teachings -Radio  -Lectures  -Stream
Greg Braden

Hank Wesselman Shared Wisdom
Healing With The Masters 
audio Interviews with spiritual teachers ongoing with specials.
Higher Bal -RecConf   login
Hermetic Golden Dawn
Hogue Prophecies

Institude Consciuousness Research
IMZaia QuanYin Channel

Johnathon Clark (HUNA Teachings)

                          -Blogspot J Clark
Jordan Maxwell

Kathara Healing
Kundalini common scense

Lilydale Assembly N.Y.
London Seekers
Louix Dor Dempriey

Manley P Hall
Maurice Cotterel (Mayan Calendar)
Mayan Majix
Mayan Propcy Blog Vid
Mellon Thomas NDE
Metaphysia movie
Micheal Tsrion
  - links
      - Architects of control   
Mayan Healing
Guelph ON

Namaste Publishing
News for the Soul
Internet Radio

Order Of Melchizedek
Osho   -   One soul message
   - Osho Tarot Card Reading

Project Camelot
Promethean Reach  video-sharing channels for many speakers like David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, M Tsarion & more
Prophets and Prophecies  List

Quantum K
watch free healing music and video
Quan Yin channeler IM Zaia
on youtube  

Red Elk
Resonance Project

Sacred Spaces Spiritual Publisher
Sacred Texts
Spiritual Text Archive
San Graal
Santos Bonacci:
speaker philosopher videos
Sean David Morton
Sedona Spiritual Assoc
Shambhala Healing Tools
Shift of the ages
new mayan prophecies
Spiritual Cinema Circle
Stan Deyo  Millenium Ark
Store Waters on you tube

Tarot Reading Online (Thoth Deck)

Temple of The Presence      -Toronto group
Tree Of Life School B.C.
Tree of Life Rejuvination Center Tusan AZ
True Source Seminars CA Orangeville ON spiritual and eco off the grid seminars

TOM KENYON (Music Chants)
Two Feathers  Native teachings

Unity of London

Unknown Country  Whitley Strieber
William Linville spiritual teacher
World Changing Wisdom:
Free online  seminars by leading teacherss

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