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aquariusthewaterbearerl info on distilled water for health.

H2oLabs: countertop distillers
My pure Water: Distillers 

Life Saver Best Portable Filtration

Filtration Systems:
 GTA Water
***  CA countertop and under.
 Pristine Hydro Water

 Pure Effect
countertop radiation/flouride/plus
Miracule Water
 Nordic Living Water Systems 
Santevia CA
Vibrant Vital Water.com

Water Ionizer filtration

Consumer Comparison Compare Water Ionizers before you buy

 Life Ionizers US&CA*** 
   -pdf book

Kagen Demo video this video is good but don't buy from this company - mlm. ok product but too expensive. life ionizers #1

 Varunizer CA 
           -pdf book

Water Energy Devices

Aquaphi  Duplicate natural water flow systems

Water Video's

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