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Health Devices and Other Home Products:

At Peace Media. Massage videos Bio-wave Voice sound healing
Biotronix CA  Energy and protection devices
Barefoot Connections: 
   buy it in Canada here
Simple Earth grounding your body technology. More info sites: bfh  video:1 - 2 -3 - DavidWolfe    

Brain Wave Generator
Dr. Beck - Sharing Health Energy devices
   - Beck Protocol Videos
EMF Protection Greenwave
Earthpulse PEMF  sleep aid
Energetic Medicine Devices
       -comparison chart
Energy Enhancement Systems
Emerald Energies

Green Apple Canada Ionic foot bath plus more
HIV Home Test Kits
I Pyramids Copper tube with orgone pyramid corners and capstone meditation and healing pyramids 10'


Rife: Bioelectrics for health
VeraDyne Avatar system
     -Physica Scalarcore

Safe Living Tech Protection against EMF
Sprouter (build your own)
Sota Instuments:Dr. Beck energy instruments
Subtle Energies Ormus and water

Tesla Energy Lights
Tools For Wellness Vibrational Medicine

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