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Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease has been linked to many diseases and in most cases can be undetectable by most medical blood test diagnostics.  Lyme Disease is becoming a big problem in Canada and the USA. WE hope that the information on this web page helps you. If you know someone that has Lyme Disease this page may save their life.


Canlyme:Lyme awareness site for Canada. A good start.

Lyme Disease Assoc of Ontario

ILADS.org: International Lyme and Associated Disease Society

Lyme MD Blogspot

Herbal Treatments

COWDEN SUPPORT PROGRAM: This page on our website provides links and information about the Cowden Lyme Disease support protocols and is very good.

Nutamedix.com: Nutrimedix is the leading company that supports Lyme Disease protocols and remedies. Two of the most common tinctures used in there Lyme Disease protocol are Banderol and Samento

Curelymes: Alternative herbal formula that helps relieve symptoms through immune boosting herbs and natural food

Buhner: Healing Lyme


Lyme Essentials Canada



Cinnamon Oil Protocols



Listed here are our top known practitioners that know how to treat and manage Lyme Disease. If you know of any others please contact us so we can add them.


Dr. Rebbeca Risk Calgary Albera


Dr. Jernigan: Blog & Author on Lyme Disease

Klinghardt Academy
   PDF: Treating Lyme Without Anibiotics

Spirostat: Best lab diagnosis order kit

Lyme Disease Video's

Lyme Disease Media:

CTV Interview on Lyme Disease
  - 2nd video Effects


Freedom From Lyme Disease by Brian Rosner


CD57+CK Blood Test

PDF: Treating Lyme Without Anibiotics

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